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Botanical Beauty

Borage Borage

Borage is an annual, self seeding plant that has many leafy branches of hollow stems covered with stiff, white hairs. It grows up to about 32" tall in a rounded shape and flowers with small blue, star-shaped corolla. It is native to Europe, Asia Minor and Africa. It was naturalized in Great Brittain and is widely cultivated in North America.
Marshmallow Marshmallow

The marshmallow plant thrives in wet areas and grows primarily in marshes. Originally from Europe, it now grows in the United States as well. The root and leaves are used medicinally.
Vitex Vitex

Chasteberry (Chaste Tree, Agnus-Castus, Vitex): Chaste tree is a large shrub.  It can grow up to about 22 feet tall and is native to the Mediterranean and southern Europe. It flourishes on moist riverbanks but is easily grown as an ornamental plant in gardens.  It  blooms with pretty blue-violet flowers in midsummer.
Saw Palmetto Saw Palmetto

Also called sabal palm, grows in the southeastern United States. Even those who have saw palmetto growing in their backyards may want to stick with commercial extracts rather than try to make their own tea. The berries do not taste good, and most of the active ingredients appear to be less soluble in water than in alcohol or hexane.
Uva Ursi or Bearberry Uva Ursi

Common name: Bearberry. The uva ursi plant is found in colder, northern climates. It has red berries, which bears are fond of. The flowers are also red. The leaf is used medicinally.

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