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      Zedoary:  There are two kinds of Zedoary, the long and the round.   The long is in slices, or oval fingers; the round in transverse, rounded sections, twisted and wrinkled, greyish-brown in colour, hairy, rough, and with few root scars. The odour is camphoraceous, and the taste warm, aromatic, and slightly bitter, resembling ginger. The five commercial varieties come from China, Bengal, Madras, Java and Cochin-China, and vary in size and colour. When chewed they turn the saliva yellow. The powder is coloured brown-red by alkalis and boric acid. Some varieties of Zedoary are used as an ingredient in condiments and curries.

This herb is aromatic and a stimulant. It is useful in flatulent colic and debility of the digestive organs.  However, ginger gives the same, or better results.

Dosages are from 10 grains to 1/2 drachm. If taking a fluid extract use 10 to 30 drops. As an infusion use 1/2 an ounce to a pint of boiling water and take one 1 tablespoonful.

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