Herb Gardening

Ready, Set… Grow!

Herbs are fairly easy to grow, even if you’ve never gardened before.

Whether you plan to grow herbs indoors or out, culinary herbs for your kitchen, fragrant herbs for potpourris, or medicinal herbs for your health, growing and harvesting your own harvest of fresh herbs is wonderful.

The process of nurturing plants from a small size, or seed, to full growth, of watering, fertilizing, pruning and harvesting, is a rewarding and personally gratifying hobby.

Indoors or out, in containers or in the yard, in soil or hydroponics, a lot of  herbs can adapt to most situations.

This area will continue to “grow”.  So far you will find information on:

From seeds to soils, in containers or your yard, organic gardening is presented here to help you grow a wonderfully fragrant and healthy garden that transforms your meals with taste and health.

You might also be interested in herbal insect repellent if you plan on working in the garden! Click Here for information, and here for the herbal recipe.

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