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Natural Allergy Relief: My Top 6 Remedies

Natural allergy relief is something I’m asked about every spring and summer. Many of us suffer from allergies but don’t like to take medications for it. They often make us feel worse in other ways, like drowsiness or a spacey feeling. I, for one, prefer to stay away from nearly all medications. However, since I also suffer from spring and summer allergies, I thought I’d write a post addressing natural allergy relief.

Here are my top 6 suggestions for Natural Allergy Relief

Natural Allergy ReliefLocal Honey:

The top suggestion that you’ve probably heard before (but is worth repeating) is to add locally harvested honey to your diet in place of sugars. Since it’s locally harvested, the honey will help to naturally build a resistance to the pollen in your area. Might sound a bit strange, but it is excellent for natural allergy relief!

Green Drinks:

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