Natural allergy relief is something I’m asked about every spring and summer. Many of us suffer from allergies but don’t like to take medications for it. They often make us feel worse in other ways, like drowsiness or a spacey feeling. I, for one, prefer to stay away from nearly all medications. However, since I also suffer from spring and summer allergies, I thought I’d write a post addressing natural allergy relief.

Here are my top 6 suggestions for Natural Allergy Relief

Natural Allergy ReliefLocal Honey:

The top suggestion that you’ve probably heard before (but is worth repeating) is to add locally harvested honey to your diet in place of sugars. Since it’s locally harvested, the honey will help to naturally build a resistance to the pollen in your area. Might sound a bit strange, but it is excellent for natural allergy relief!

Green Drinks:

They are detoxifying. It’s as simple as that.

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Vitamin C:

And you thought it was just for colds, didn’t you!?! Nope. Vitamin C offers lots of natural allergy relief because of its powerful antihistamines. (Quercetin also.)

Garlic and Onions:

Yep, you read that right. Garlic and onions are natural food sources with plant compounds that help ease cases of allergies — and even asthma. They also contain sulfur which works wonderfully with your immune system. Eat them raw or cooked, but definitely add them to your diet.


I know, right? Again with salmon. It is one very healthy source of Omega-3 oils and, of course, that helps with allergies and asthma. (If you can’t stand salmon, or fish of any kind, take supplements!)


I’m almost afraid to mention this one because overdosing can make you sick but with care it’s nearly a miracle tincture (and PLEASE — I use the term miracle loosely!). Lobelia is a natural bronchodilator. Taken orally, it works like an inhaler to stop wheezing on contact. IMPORTANT NOTE: Seek a qualified professional for usage and dosage advice.

There you have it. My six top suggestions for natural allergy relief. Let me know what your choice for natural remedies are in the comments below…

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