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St John’s Wort – for Depression

Today St John's Wort is used primarily for treatment of depression. Over 30 clinical trials have studied its safety and efficacy for clinical depression. Most determined that it is superior to placebo and has a safety profile superior to pharmaceutical...

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Some anxiety is a normal part of life – but extreme anxiety or feeling anxious for no reason can be devastating. If you experience insomnia, inability to reason, tiredness, headaches and/or a number of other maladies, you may be a candidate for some natural remedies...

Does St. John’s Wort Help With Depression?

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is an herb that’s sometimes used effectively for treatment of depression. It is believed to contain ingredients that may help the brain produce more serotonin, which produces feelings of well-being in the body. The plant is named...

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