Candida Articles

Pau d’arco – Antiviral, HPV, Candida [updated 2023]

Pau d’arco is a type of tree bark with rich anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties that can be used as an immune system balancer. It has been used successfully for centuries to help the body reach balance again so it can fight off infection....

Oregon Grape – Chronic Candida

Oregon grape has been used in connection with chronic candida, conjunctivitis / blepharitis, diarrhea, infection, parasites, poor digestion, psoriasis, and urinary tract infections. The bitter-tasting compounds as well as the alkaloids are thought to stimulate...

Garlic – Antibiotic, Anti-Cancer

Garlic - the Powerful Antibiotic When chewed or crushed a powerful antibiotic chemical is released. It may not act as powerfully or quickly as antibiotics but neither does it produce the side effects that antibiotics do. While it can be as effective in fighting...

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