Essential Oils Articles

A Guide to Aromatherapy

This guide to aromatherapy aims to reveal the essence of aromatics, unravel its mysteries and present practical ways to incorporate it into your life. An ancient practice dating back thousands of years, aromatherapy involves using natural plant extracts to promote...

Herbal Oils and Ointments – How-to Make Them & For What

How to Make Your Own Herbal Oils and Ointments: A Step-by-Step Guide Creating your own herbal oils and ointments can be a great way to harness their natural healing powers. Whether you want to soothe sore muscles, end dry skin, or speed healing, herbal oils and...

The Healing Power of Essential Oils

Research on the healing power of essential oils has revealed that many of the historical claims are indeed supported by contemporary medicine!

Lavender – The Many Benefits

Lavender: In the Middle Ages, lavender was considered the herb of love. The name, Lavender, was derived from the Latin verb "to wash" and both the Romans and Greeks scented their soaps and bathwater with the herb. The Plant: Lavender is a mint-family flowering plant...

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