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Licorice Root Tea – the Herbal Remedy You Didn’t Know You Needed

When it comes to natural remedy teas, there’s no lack of options out there. But, there’s one that doesn’t get enough attention: Licorice Root Tea. While its distinct flavor is easily identifiable, its medicinal properties are not as widely known but quite impressive!...

Horehound Health Benefits – Top Seller

Horehound   Click to listen highlighted text! Horehound health benefits are far greater than have been touted for centuries as a digestive aid and for bronchial relief. Let's take a look as to what this top-selling herb can do! improve blood circulation reduce blood sugar levels Lower...

What Tea Tree Oil is Good For

The Many Uses for Tea Tree Oil What Tea Tree Oil is Good For? The oil is a natural remedy that has many benefits. It can be used to kill fungus and bacteria, including those that are resistant to some antibiotics. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and...

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