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Arnica for Pain Relief – How to Use this Natural Solution Safely

A natural and effective solution for those seeking relief from pain and inflammation. Today's post is about how to safely use arnica for pain relief of muscle soreness, joint pain, inflammation, and bruising. Exploring Arnica for Pain Relief Arnica, a plant native to...

Lobelia – Lungs, Stop Smoking Aid

Lobelia: This herb is a powerful poison that doesn't belong on the home medicine shelf. That might be because it's also referred to as "puke weed." (Ugh!) Similar to nicotine, Lobelia   Click to listen highlighted text! Lobelia is also called "Indian Tobacco" and has been used in...


Comfrey has a long, consistent history of use as a topical agent for improving healing of wounds, skin ulcers, thrombophlebitis, strains, and sprains. Also of note is the use of comfrey to promote more rapid repair of broken bones. It has a reputation as an...

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