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Agrimony Herb – Gentle Purifier, Liver, Kidney, Stomach

Agrimony   Click to listen highlighted text! Agrimony - (Vaccinium myrtillus)  aka: Bilberry, Huckleberry, Whortleberry, to name a few. Its Greek name, Argemone, meaning "that which heals the eye" The herb was used by the Kashaya Pomo in Northern California for diabetes and eye disorders....

Cleavers for the Lymphatic System

Cleavers (aka Clivers) is a versatile and valuable plant. It is one of the most powerful restorative herbs for the lymphatic system, cleavers is beneficial in treating swollen glands, tonsillitis and adnoid problems. Internally and externally, it is effective in the...

Parsley – Kidneys & Liver

Parsley: By the middle ages, parsley made its appearance in herbal medicines. It has been given credit for curing a great range of human ills, especially those having to do with the kidneys and liver. Although we tend to think of it only as a decorative green on our...

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