Skin cuts Articles

Garlic – Antibiotic

Throughout history garlic has been considered a powerful herb to fight inflammation, stop infections, kill parasites and restore vitality. The role of garlic as an antiviral and antibacterial is unsurpassed from ancient days to modern times. It can help heal injuries...

Yarrow – Enhances Wound Healing

Yarrow: Distinctive in both appearance and aroma. Yarrow has been used to treat wounds throughout history. In the 1950's an alkoloid from the plant was found to have some ability to make blood clot faster. Fever, common cold, hay fever, lack of menstruation,...

Witch Hazel – Hemorrhoids, Cuts, Bruises, Sore Muscles

Witch hazel is a popular home remedy for cuts, bruises, hemorrhoids and sore muscles. More than a million gallons of witch hazel water are sold each year in the United States, making it one of the nation's most widely used healing herbs. The plant is a tree with...

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