Emotional Healing Articles

Schisandra Chinensis – Happiness Elevator!

Schisandra Chinensis: Also Known As: Magnolia Vine, Wu Wei Zi, O Mi Cha. In China, in the days of the Dynasties, the schisandra chinensis   Click to listen highlighted text! schisandra chinensis berries were highly valued for their ability to preserve a youthful appearance. It was said to help one become...

Ginseng – Immunity, Energy, Brain

Ginseng : The root that promises wisdom and long life, not to mention its reputation as an aphrodisiac. Used for more than two millennia in China. Originally it was recommended for "repairing the five viscera, quietening the spirit, curbing the...

Flower Remedies

Flower Remedies are used an as alternative or complementary for emotional healing, well-being and pain. The remedies are liquid, flower preparations made from watered-down fresh blossoms of a plant that are said to imprint the water with their energetic patterning....

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