Parsley – Kidneys & Liver

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Parsley: By the middle ages, parsley made its appearance in herbal medicines. It has been given credit for curing a great range of human ills, especially those having to do with the kidneys and liver.

Although we tend to think of it only as a decorative green on our plates, parsley is a course in vitamin therapy all by itself. It contains vitamin A, more vitamin C per volume than an orange, several B vitamins, calcium and iron. The distinctive odor common to all parts of the parsley plant is the work of volatile oils, one of which, parsley camphor, has been extracted for medicinal use. Containing two important chemicals, apiole and myristicin, parsley has significant diuretic and mild laxative qualities. It can help eliminate bloating, excess water weight, can ease the pain of flatulence (gas), and colic and has a reputation for bringing on delayed or suppressed menstruation. In one study, it has been shown to have antihistamine qualities which may be useful in relieving allergy symptoms.

Incorporating parsley into your diet, in normal amounts, would be of benefit to your overall health. Excessive amounts of parsley (as in infusions and tinctures) can cause negative side effects in pregnant women and may cause kidney irritation.

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