There are countless potential benefits associated with using Pycnogenol as part of your natural healing and skin health routine!

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If you’re looking for an all-natural way to improve circulation, enhance cognitive abilities, reduce inflammation throughout your body, or simply keep your skin looking younger longer – then this powerful antioxidant might be exactly what you’ve been searching for…

What is Pycnogenol – French maritime pine bark

This unique name, Pycnogenol is trademarked, and it simply refers to extract from French maritime pine bark – an easily accessible and sustainable resource.

However, it is NOT just any random bit of tree bark that will do; the incredibly complex make-up of the compound means that trees growing in specific regions guarantee a top-quality product.

These magical little extracts may hold miraculous healing properties that scientists are still uncovering today. Mother Nature was ahead of her time here!

What are the Benefits of Pycnogenol?

Pycnogenol is an antioxidant compound derived from pine bark extract that has been used around the world for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. It has been used as a natural remedy to treat many different conditions and illnesses.

Let’s explore the benefits of Pycnogenol and why it may be a great natural remedy for you.

  • Improved Circulation – Studies have shown that taking daily doses of Pycnogenol can help improve circulation throughout the body by widening blood vessels and reducing inflammation in the veins. This means that nutrients are able to get where they need to go faster and more efficiently, promoting overall better health.
  • Brain Health – Pycnogenol has been linked to improved cognitive abilities due to increased oxygen flow to the brain. This means that memory recall and mental clarity can be improved with regular use of this supplement.
  • Reduced Inflammation – As mentioned above, one of the key benefits of using Pycnogenol is its ability to reduce inflammation in the body. This can be helpful for those suffering from joint pain or arthritis as well as those looking for an all-natural way to reduce stress levels in their life.
  • Skin Health – In addition to reducing inflammation throughout the body, regular use of Pycnogenol has also been linked to clearer skin due to its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help protect against free radical damage which can cause wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of aging on your face or elsewhere on your body.


It has anti-inflammatory properties, can reduce joint pain, improve circulation, reduce blood pressure, and even protect against sun damage. It can also help boost immunity, aid in digestion, and reduce hay fever symptoms.

Pycnogenol is also thought to be beneficial for athletes as it helps reduce inflammation caused by exercise and increases muscle recovery time after workouts.

It has also been found to aid in weight loss by boosting metabolism and helping the body burn fat more efficiently.

Cognitive Function

In addition to its various health benefits, Pycnogenol also supports cognitive function in healthy individuals by increasing focus, concentration, memory recall and overall brain performance. It also helps with energy levels and can give you more energy throughout the day without having to rely on caffeine or other stimulants. Finally, it can help with skin health by reducing wrinkles and promoting collagen production in the skin.

Skin hydration and improved elasticity

Pycnogenol has been clinically proven to protect and improve the hydration and elasticity of your skin.

In a study conducted by the School of Pharmacy at the University of Reading in Berkshire, UK, participants experienced a significant improvement in their skin’s hydration and elasticity after just two months. And it’s not just facial skin that benefits from this amazing antioxidant; its protective effects can help improve the overall tone and texture of your entire body.

When it comes to looking after your skin health, pycnogenol is here to help. Studies have shown that, when used topically as a serum, cream for up to seven days or as a powder for up to six weeks, pycnogenol can treat and inhibit oxidative damage, reduce dark age spots and wrinkles, improve skin hydration and elasticity, and reduce the appearance of scars. So, if you’re in need of a little boost towards rejuvenating your skin’s natural beauty, this could be just the product you’ve been waiting for! (See other natural remedies for skin health)

A few things to keep in mind with topical use: it is NOT recommended in conjunction with other serums, such as Vitamin C, exfoliating acids, and the like. Do not use on cuts, sores or irritated skin.

Perimenopause & Menopause

Pycnogenol has proved to be good news for women. An all-in-one remedy, it helps diminish symptoms including vaginal dryness and hot flashes, while providing a boost in the areas of mood, sleep quality, focus, memory and even dizziness.

Women taking Pycnogenol have reported feeling happier with less irritability and a surprising resilience when dealing with irregular periods and loss of libido––two difficult changes which accompany a natural transition into menopause.

What is Pycnogenol? Power with Caution

Pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant that is gaining traction in the health and wellness community – but it can be dangerous to take without understanding how much of it you should use and how long it’s safe to take.

Generally, Pycnogenol should be taken between 10 and 100 mg per day, depending on your particular health needs. However, if taken at levels above what your body needs on a daily basis, it can lead to negative side effects. Therefore, if you choose to take Pycnogenol, do so with caution and stay within the recommended dosage; otherwise, don’t be surprised if you end up feeling worse than when you started!

Potential Side Effects

While Pycnogenol has been widely studied and is known to offer various benefits, it may not be the right supplement for everyone. Before adding this natural extract to your health plan, it’s important to understand potential side effects that have been linked to its usage, such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, and mouth ulcers.

Pycnogenol may also interact with certain medications or conditions, so if you are currently taking any prescriptions or have a pre-existing condition, make sure to get approval from your doctor first!

Hopefully after learning about potential side effects of taking Pycnogenol supplements, you can make an educated decision about whether it might be a beneficial addition to your lifestyle.

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